“We are exceptional IB educators and leaders, with an excellent record of achievement and a passion for empowering students, families and schools to fulfill the aims of the IB.”


“My passion lies in the successful transition of students through the IB Diploma Programme, from pre-IB to university. Testimonials consistently speak to my ability to form supportive and meaningful connections with students, families and schools which help to create a clear path to success.”

Relationships have always been at the heart of Morag’s work, whether with students, parents, teachers or schools. Her skills in managing relationships and systems have been developed through leadership and teaching roles across the globe, and she excels in creating and promoting effective ways for people to work together and experience success.

As an accredited member of the IB Educator Network, Morag leads training workshops for IB teachers, coordinators and counsellors and visits schools as part of the IB accreditation and evaluation process. Her projects with the IB include conference workshops and curriculum research and review.

Her experience co-ordinating, teaching, mentoring and facilitating in IB schools in Europe for the past ten years has given her an excellent understanding of IB philosophy and practice and what it takes to succeed.


“Testimonials from students, parents and colleagues comment on the transformative effects of my work: enabling students to reach their full educational potential, to find their individual voice and to stand up for those who cannot be heard. In line with IB philosophy, I strive to support students to become empowered and principled young adults who will make a positive contribution to the future of our world.”

The central aim of Pete’s educational leadership and teaching is to create passionate learners that not only achieve great results but also find a path that gives them a continued love of learning and leads to positive personal growth.

Pete has rich and varied experience in the field of education, including being a principal in a number of schools in London, setting up new schools in China and as an inspector of education, in which his role was to establish more effective school structures and improve teaching.  He has over ten years IB teaching experience during which his students’ results have always been well-above the IB global average.

Pete has a strong belief in international education and his work has taken him from his original home in the UK to many countries across Europe and Asia.  All this experience across the world working as a leader and teacher has enabled Pete to understand how to best meet the individual needs of each learner, whatever their context.