Finding pathways to success
for students and schools
in the IB Diploma Programme


We are exceptional IB educators and leaders, based in Barcelona, with an excellent record of achievement and a passion for empowering students, families and schools to fulfil the aims of the IB.

We guide our clients during the transition into, through and beyond the IB Diploma Programme to guarantee success.  

Our ultimate aim is to support students to become dynamic internationally-minded lifelong learners.

Morag Makey, co-founder of IB Pathways, talks to Jane Mitchell of MumAbroad about the advantages of studying the IB

“Mr. Makey has changed my life in a way that cannot be described. In 10th grade as I walked into his class and heard him speak for the first time, I felt something different. Aside from being possibly the greatest teacher I have ever had and probably will ever have, he was always there for me when I needed to talk.” - Olivia de Rezende (IB Graduate) “Mr. Makey was my Higher Level teacher during the two years of IB, but he didn’t just help us glide through the IB with high scores (my final grade was a 6 and I got an A in the EE that Mr. Makey supervised) he taught me how to think critically and how to form solid opinions based on truth and morality. All he has taught me I will continue to use everyday for the rest of my life.” - Antje Mangeant (IB Graduate) "During my university application process, Morag guided me and helped me perfect my UCAS personal statement by helping me to distinguish my key abilities as well as aiding me in choosing the right vocabulary. I don’t know what I would have done without her! I applied to 5 universities: Bath, Bristol, Exeter, UCL and King’s College London. I received an offer from 4 out of those 5 - thank you!" - Victoria Visa (IB Graduate) “I can honestly say Mr. Makey was the best teacher I ever had. In his classroom every student felt comfortable and safe enough to speak their minds and engage. Coming from a foreign country, I had lived in my entire life, and with a limited knowledge in the English language, Mr. Makey was the most patient and supportive of teachers, helping me through this adjustment period. Beyond the classroom he helped me to grow more confident, outspoken and open minded.” - Felipe Pita Ihns (IB Graduate) “Mr. Makey didn’t just teach me how to be an excelling IB English student, he taught me how to be an influential, thoughtful, and compassionate human being. He made me realise that there is such thing as value in what I had always considered to be utterly negligible: my voice. From the moment I stepped into his class, Mr. Makey immediately knew that I was not someone who was able to confidently speak up on behalf of their opinions. Yet from that day onwards, his encouragement and boundless faith steadily nurtured me into the strong-minded, opinionated person I am today.” - Akari Takahashi (IB Graduate) “Mr. Makey brought our community together like no one else did. His door was always open to talk, to ask questions or to debate. He was determined to get us the grade we deserved.” - Fanny Tluszcz (IB Graduate)   "Morag, not everyone can provide the empathy, energy and work that students demand. For us it was a privilege to meet and match with you. We know that you will help us to accomplish our goals with your talented and sensitive personality." - Monica Roca (IB Parent)   "Morag's ability to understand the needs of both students and families was an important factor in our daughter's success. Morag's experience with the IB programme was very reassuring prior to our daughter starting the IB and throughout her two years. We felt fortunate to have Morag to provide both academic and emotional support to help our daughter develop the skills and confidence to successfully complete the programme and develop aspirations for post-school life." - Dr David Dinwoodie (IB Parent, Vice President, Center for Creative Leadership) "Morag, you are an awesome role model as a presenter as well as a representative of the IB and all that it embodies. I learned so much at your workshop and made some fantastic connections. This doesn't always happen in all workshops, but that "special something" you added really helped all of us as participants engage so incredibly well with each other and it brought out the best we all had to share!" - Dr Alynne Solway (School Counsellor, Estonia) "Sometimes teachers appear who not only educate our kids but also make them better people, who become more sensitive to the world around them, more demanding with themselves and much more prepared to face the challenges that lie in their futures. Pete and Morag have been two of those teachers who have made a difference and left a strong, positive mark on their students that will stay with them their entire lives. Having Pete teach my kids English is like having Messi teach them football." - Gonzalo Rodés (IB Parent, Senior Adviser, GBS Finance) “To be truthful, I cannot put into words the impact Mr. Makey has had on my life. I owe more to him than I do to anyone else. He has had a more profound impact on the development of my intellect than any other individual. He challenged me in ways I had never been challenged before, forcing me to confront questions I didn't even know existed. He pushed me to engage with the world, to understand the most complex and radical perspectives. More than stimulating me intellectually, he aided my social and emotional development. During my most impressionable and vulnerable stage, Mr. Makey was the primary figure in my moral development." - Margaret Maguire (IB Graduate) "I was asked to share what I learned in the Extended Essay workshop with the other teachers at my school; all the teachers loved it and the management loved the feedback from the other teachers as well. Thank you very much Morag, for the fact that your impact has reached a circle beyond those who attended the workshop only." - Tamer Al Massadeh (IB Maths Teacher and EE Supervisor, Jordan)




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