“We are exceptional IB educators and leaders,
with an excellent record of achievement and
a passion for empowering students, families
and schools to fulfill the aims of the IB.”

SERVICES FOR Students and Parents

We offer a range of services for pre-IB Diploma students (14-16 years) and IB Diploma students to ensure that they make the right choices, achieve the best results and find the pathway to university and career success that is ideal for them. Our services are personalised to meet the requirements of the individual.

  • Consultancy sessions for families considering the IB Diploma Programme
  • Pre-IB and IB Coaching and Mentoring (students 14-19 years)
  • Strategies for IB Success:
    • Time Management and Organisation
    • Stress and Anxiety Management
    • Student Wellbeing including Positive Education
    • Revision Skills
    • Exam Techniques
    • Subject Choices
  • Online and Face-to-Face Teaching and Tutoring: English all levels, IB preparation, IB subjects (English A/B, Psychology, TOK, EE, CAS)
  • College / University Counselling (UK, Europe and USA)
  • Critical Thinking
  • Courses and Workshops (range of subjects and skills)
  • Summer Schools


Our services to schools include all aspects of coordination, curriculum planning and professional development to support the implementation of a high quality IB Diploma Programme. Our services are customised to address school priorities.

Professional Development and Support Services

  • IB Coordination
  • IB Counselling
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Results Analysis and Improvement
  • Core including Extended Essay for Coordinators and Supervisors
  • Critical Thinking
  • International Mindedness
  • Teacher Wellbeing

Leadership and Management Services

  • School Improvement
  • Management Restructuring and Training
  • Policy and Procedure Development and Implementation