Why choose the IB?

Students who complete the IB Diploma Programme participate not only in a rigorous academic endeavour, but also commit to the ideals of educating for a better world.

Who is the IB for?

The IB Diploma Programme is a challenging curriculum for 16-19 year olds, designed to provide academic breadth and depth while also promoting the attributes to support the IB mission to develop internationally-minded lifelong learners.

What is the IB curriculum?

The IB Diploma Programme consists of six subject groups and three additional core components (EE, TOK and CAS), supported by explicit approaches to teaching and learning, designed to foster the attributes of the learner profile and promote academic and life success.

How are students assessed?

The IB Diploma Programme was developed in an international context, with internationally consistent assessment indicators, and an internationally recognised qualification for university entrance. It is widely considered to be excellent preparation for universities worldwide and participation in a growing global community.

What’s the IB pathway?

Pre-IB (14-16 years):

  • School and subject selection including career and university counselling to support subject choices.
  • Subject and skills preparation to promote the IB approaches to learning.

IB Year 1:

  • Study and revision skills to ensure academic success in the first year of the programme and university counselling for post-school options.

IB Year 2:

  • Revision skills and university counselling to ensure exam success leading to university acceptance.